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In the trucking world, power-only units (cabovers without trailers) are the long-haul specialists. They focus on delivering the pulling power for other people’s trailers. If you own or operate a power-only unit, day cab or Over-The-Road (OTR), Premium Logistic Solutions can be your one-stop shop for finding top-paying loads. Let’s explore what power-only units do and why partnering with us is a smart move.

Power Only Units: The Long-Haul Workhorses

  • No trailer, all power: A power-only unit is a truck tractor specifically designed to haul trailers owned by others.
  • Day cabs are ideal for regional hauls, while OTR units are built for long-distance deliveries.
  • They offer efficiency – you don’t have to worry about trailer maintenance or repairs.

What do Power Only Units Deliver?

Power-only units pair with a variety of trailers for maximum flexibility:

  • Dry vans and reefers: Partnering with companies that need temperature-controlled transport.
  • Flatbeds: Hauling oversized cargo that requires a specialized trailer.
  • Tankers: Delivering liquid products like gasoline or chemicals.

Why Partner with Premium Logistic Solutions?

When you register your power-only unit with Premium Logistic Solutions, you benefit from:

  • Variety of Loads: We have a network of shippers and brokers needing reliable power-only units.
  • Maximized Uptime: We find loads that keep you moving and minimize downtime between hauls.
  • Flexible Options: Choose day cabs for regional routes or OTR units for long-distance hauls.
  • Focus on Driving: Let us handle the trailer matching, paperwork, and communication with shippers.

Key Things for Power Only Drivers and Owners

  • Know Your Limits: Understand the weight capacity of your rig and the trailers you’ll be paired with.
  • Safety First: Inspecting both your unit and the trailers you haul is crucial.
  • Communication is Key: Clear communication with shippers and trailer owners ensures smooth operation.
  • Experience Pays: Power-only driving takes skill and experience, and that’s reflected in your earning potential.

The Premium Logistic Solutions Advantage

Partnering with us gives you:

  • A steady stream of well-paying loads
  • Peace of mind knowing trailers are matched and compliant
  • The freedom to focus on driving and navigating the open road
  • A partner that values power-only operations

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Frequently Asked Questions

A power-only truck is a type of truck that provides the power unit, or tractor, without a trailer. In this setup, the trucker hauls trailers that belong to different companies, often preloaded and ready for transport. This service is ideal for businesses that have their own trailers but need a reliable transport solution.

For more info, please visit What is Power Only Trucking.

In power-only trucking, a driver is contracted to haul a pre-loaded trailer from point A to point B. The trailer is typically owned by the shipper or a third party, and the driver’s responsibility is to ensure safe and timely delivery. This method simplifies logistics for companies that do not want to maintain their own fleet of tractors.

Power-only trucks can haul a variety of trailers, including dry vans, refrigerated trailers, flatbeds, tankers, and specialized trailers such as lowboys and double drops. The compatibility depends on the hitch and other equipment specifications of the truck.

Benefits include cost savings on owning and maintaining a fleet of tractors, flexibility in meeting fluctuating transportation demands, reduced downtime with pre-loaded trailers, and the ability to handle specialized or oversized loads with the right power-only equipment.

Shippers, freight brokers, and businesses with their own trailers but without sufficient tractors to move them can benefit from power-only trucking. It’s also ideal for companies that need to move trailers for repositioning or during peak shipping seasons.

To find a reliable power-only trucking service, look for companies with a strong reputation, verified customer reviews, proper licensing and insurance, and a track record of on-time deliveries. It’s also beneficial if the service provides 24/7 support and advanced tracking capabilities.

Costs can vary based on distance, type of trailer, fuel surcharges, tolls, driver availability, and any additional services such as loading/unloading assistance or expedited shipping. It’s best to get a detailed quote from the service provider.

Yes, power-only trucking is suitable for long-distance hauls. Many companies use it for cross-country transportation of trailers. It offers flexibility and efficiency for long-haul logistics without the need to maintain a large fleet of power units.

Ensure that your trailers are in good condition and comply with all regulations. Provide accurate details about the load, including weight, dimensions, and any special handling requirements. Have clear instructions and contact information ready for the driver.

Yes, power-only trucks can transport hazardous materials, but the driver and the trucking company must have the necessary certifications and permits. The trailers used must also meet safety and regulatory standards for hazardous materials.

Choose a reputable power-only service provider with experienced drivers. Ensure that your trailers are equipped with the necessary security features such as locks and tracking devices. Regular communication with the driver and service provider can also enhance security.

The size and weight limitations depend on the type of trailer and the regulations of the regions through which the cargo will be transported. It’s crucial to verify that the power-only truck can handle your specific trailer type and load requirements within legal limits.

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