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Partnering with Premium Logistic Solutions

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In the world of trucking, flatbeds are the heavy lifters that haul the big, awkward stuff. If you’re an owner-operator or a driver with a flatbed rig, partnering with Premium Logistic Solutions can open up a world of well-paying loads. Let’s break down the basics of flatbeds and the benefits of registering your truck with our MC.

Flatbeds: Built for the Tough Stuff

  • It’s all about the deck: A flatbed is essentially a long, open platform on wheels. No walls, no roof.
  • Standard sizes are usually 48 feet or 53 feet long.
  • Ideal for hauling oversized or oddly shaped cargo that won’t fit in an enclosed trailer.

What do Flatbeds Carry?

Flatbeds handle the loads that other trailers can’t:

  • Construction materials: Lumber, steel beams, pipes, you name it.
  • Heavy machinery: Excavators, tractors, industrial equipment.
  • Vehicles: Sometimes cars or even other trucks need to hitch a ride.

Why Partner with Premium Logistic Solutions?

When you register your flatbed with Premium Logistic Solutions, you get:

  • The Right Loads: We know the ins and outs of specialized freight, matching you with jobs perfect for your flatbed.
  • Top Rates: Our expertise lets us negotiate the best rates for hauling those challenging loads.
  • Dedicated Support: We handle the paperwork, securement requirements, and any special permits needed for oversized hauls.
  • Focus on Your Success: We understand the unique needs of flatbed haulers, and we’re here to help you grow your business.

Key Things for Flatbed Drivers and Owners

  • Securement is Key: Properly strapping down cargo is vital for safety and on-time delivery.
  • Weight Limits Matter: Know your truck’s limits and the regulations for the states you’re driving in.
  • Weather Matters: Tarps are your friend! Protecting your load is essential.
  • Specialized Skills Pay: Flatbed hauling takes experience and know-how, and that translates to better earnings.

The Premium Logistic Solutions Advantage

When you work with us, you get:

  • Access to high-paying, specialized freight
  • Expert guidance on load securement and regulations
  • Support to maximize your earning potential
  • A partner that understands the flatbed business

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