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This guide explores the ways how to make money with a box truck, such as freight hauling, rental services, and specialized transport, ensuring you know how to start your business and thrive in competitive markets. Whether you are wondering about the profitability of a box truck business, the specific requirements for starting one, or the technical details like truck weights and sizes, this article serves as your go-to resource.

How to Make Money with a Box Truck?

Owning a box truck can open up various profitable opportunities in the transportation and logistics industry. Whether you are considering starting a box truck business or already own one and want to expand your revenue streams, here are several ways to make money with a box truck.

Freight Hauling

One of the primary ways to make money with a box truck is through freight hauling:

  • Local Deliveries: Offer delivery services for furniture stores, appliance stores, or building supply companies.
  • LTL Freight (Less Than Truckload): Carry goods for multiple clients in the same route, maximizing the utility of your truck’s capacity.
how to start a box truck business

For personalized advice on selecting the proper business structure, consider contacting a business consultant at Premium Logistic Solutions

Contract with Courier Companies

Partner with courier and parcel delivery companies:

  • Express Shipping Services: Companies often need independent contractors to handle overflow during high-demand periods or for regular delivery routes.
  • Last-Mile Delivery: Engage in last-mile delivery services involving the final delivery process from a distribution center to the customer.

Rental Services

Your box truck can be rented out when not in use:

  • Moving Services: Rent your truck to individuals who need to move homes or apartments. This service is especially profitable in urban areas with high moving activity.
  • Event Use: Offer your truck for events to transport supplies, tents, chairs, etc.


Turn your box truck into a moving billboard:

  • Mobile Advertising: Lease out space on your truck for advertisements. Businesses look for mobile advertising opportunities as they offer high visibility in multiple locations.

Specialized Transportation Services

Provide specialized transportation services tailored to specific needs:

  • Refrigerated Goods: If your box truck is equipped with refrigeration, you can transport perishable goods for food companies or florists.
  • Oversized Items: Specialize in transporting items that require more space than what typical parcel services offer.

Junk Removal

Start a junk removal service:

  • Commercial and Residential: Offer to remove unwanted items from homes or commercial properties. This can also include recycling services or large-scale cleanouts.
how to make money with box truck business

For personalized advice on selecting the proper business structure, consider contacting a business consultant at Premium Logistic Solutions

Sector-Specific Opportunities

Explore niche markets:

  • Hotshots: Quickly delivering time-sensitive loads for industries like construction or oil fields.
  • Power-Only Trucking: Pulling client-owned trailers, removing the need to own your trailers.

Each method provides a pathway to generate income from a box truck. Depending on your location, network, and the type of truck you own, specific options might be more lucrative than others. Managing your expenses effectively to maximize profits and making your box truck business active and genuinely profitable is also important.


Making money with a box truck is a viable and flexible option, whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing business owner. By understanding the various revenue streams available – from freight hauling and specialized transport to rentals and even advertising – you can tailor your services to meet the demands of your market.

Remember, success in this industry requires not just a reliable truck, but also a sound business strategy, efficient operations, and excellent customer service. With careful planning and dedication, your box truck can become a powerful tool for generating income and achieving financial goals.

Let Us Help

If you’re looking for expert guidance in navigating the box truck business landscape, don’t hesitate to reach out to Premium Logistic Solutions. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you start or optimize your operations and maximize your earning potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can certainly make money with a box truck. Many businesses and individuals rely on box trucks to transport goods, make deliveries, and provide moving services. Offering freight hauling, partnering with courier companies, renting out the truck, or providing specialized transport services can generate a substantial income. The key to profitability lies in effective management, understanding market needs, and maintaining low operational costs.

Starting a box truck business in New York involves several key steps:

  1. Business Plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your services, target market, and financial projections.
  2. Legal Structure: Decide on your business’s legal structure (e.g., LLC, corporation) and register it with the New York State Division of Corporations.
  3. Permits and Licenses: Obtain the necessary permits and licenses, including a commercial driver’s license (CDL), a Department of Transportation (DOT) number, and other local permits specific to New York.
  4. Insurance: Secure appropriate insurance to cover liability, cargo, and any additional coverage specific to your operations.
  5. Purchase or Lease Trucks: Invest in or lease suitable box trucks considering the type of cargo and the volume of business you expect.
  6. Marketing: Develop a marketing strategy to reach local businesses, online retailers, and residents who may require moving services.

The weight of a box truck can vary widely based on size and construction. Generally, an empty medium-sized box truck weighs between 10,000 and 14,000 pounds (4,536 to 6,350 kilograms). Larger box trucks, used for heavier commercial purposes, might weigh more. Always check the specific weight specifications of the truck’s model and make for precise information.

Box trucks come in various sizes to accommodate different loading capacities and operational needs:

  • Small Box Trucks: Typically 10 to 12 feet long, suitable for light deliveries and small cargo.
  • Medium Box Trucks: Range from 14 to 17 feet and are favored for moderate freight and moving services.
  • Large Box Trucks: Usually 20 to 26 feet, ideal for substantial commercial deliveries and full-house moves.

Each size has specific uses, and the choice depends on the business’s requirements and the types of goods transported.

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