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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 01 Januray 2024

Premium Logistic Solutions

Purpose of the Privacy Policy

Last update 01/01/24

Premium Logistic Solutions takes care of your personal information and does everything possible to protect it. This Privacy Policy is written to help you understand what your personal information we collect, store and use, and what happens to it when you use our website ("website").

In this Privacy Policy we answer the following questions:

  1. Who are we?
  2. What is the Privacy Policy covered by?
  3. What information do we collect, how and why?
  4. SMS (Consent)
  5. How long do we keep your information?
  6. Do we share information with third parties?
  7. Do we use cookies?
  8. What rights do I have regarding my information?
  9. How do we update Privacy Plolicy?

1. Who are we?

We are Premium Logistic Solutions, North Carolina LLC, EIN: 87-3784500. Our office is located at 420 Traebert Circle APT 305, Knightdale, NC 27545. Hereinafter, Premium Logistic Solutions will be referred to as "we" and "our". We are the operator of your personal information of our clients and users, which means that we determine what, for what purpose and how your personal information will be processed.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by sending an email to You can also send us a letter at the address: 420 Traebert Circle APT 305, Knightdale, NC 27545.

2. What is the Privacy Policy covered by?

This Privacy Policy applies to our website.

Website Address:

3. What information do we collect, how and why?

The information we process is divided into two categories: technical information and information that is provided to us by user and client.

Technical information. When you visit our site, some information is collected automatically. We need technical information to operate, maintain, and improve our website. This includes information such as IP address, UTM parameters, geolocation, device type, browser type, cookies, and information about your interaction with the site - session ID.

The session ID includes your interaction with the site, the name of the site from which you went to our site, the functions you use, the pages viewed on our site, the way you use our site, and the actions you take if such actions are present.

The next categories of information are given to us by the user him/herself.

Personal information provided by the client. To perform a contract we need the following information: full name, email, phone number, FID, SSN, driver's license, position, company name, payment information. trucks' numbers, MC number.

Personal information provided by the user. For full interaction with our site, we may collect your name, phone number, email, and company name.

Once again, briefly about what personal information we collect:

  • Type of information
  • Description of information
  • Reasons for processing
  • PI provided by client
  • To perform a contract we need the following information: full name, email, phone number, FID, SSN, driver's license, position, company name, payment information. trucks' numbers, MC number.
  • Performance of the contract
  • PI provided by client
  • Truck number, company name, MC number.
  • Analytics;
  • Statistics
  • PI provided by client
  • Full name, email, phone number
  • Marketing
  • PI provided by user
  • Full name, email, and company name
  • Performance of the contract;
  • Providing a service
  • PI provided by user
  • Name, phone number, email
  • Marketing
  • Automatically collected data
  • Technical information;
  • Cookies
  • Website operation;
  • Analytics;
  • Statistics

Pay your attention. We knowingly do not process the personal information of users under the age of 18 without consent from legal representative(s). If you are such a user, or you are the legal representative of the user, please let us know by email

4. SMS (Consent)

We may use your phone number to send you SMS/text messages for the following:

  • Load Confirmations: Get quick confirmations when your loads are assigned.
  • Load Updates: Stay informed about important changes to your load status or schedule.

Important Notes:

  • Standard messaging and data rates from your carrier may apply.
  • You have control! Opt-out anytime by replying STOP to one of our messages.
  • Need more info on how to opt-out? Reply HELP for instructions.
  • We respect your privacy. Our privacy policy clearly states that we will never share or sell your phone number or SMS opt-in choice.
  • 5. How long do we keep your information?

    We store personal information in the following categories:

    • client information

    We store personal client information for the duration of the service and 36 months after completion.

    • user information

    We store users' personal information for 18 months.

    However, you can exercise your right to delete your information. In this case, your information will be deleted from our servers within 30 days of your request.

    6. Do we share information with third parties?

    We take your privacy seriously and are committed to not transferring your personal information to any third party. We use your information solely for the following purposes:

    Contractual Obligations: To fulfill our contract with you and facilitate communication essential to the services we provide. This communication happens between us and you (the client) and between us and you (the user).

    Legal Compliance: We will disclose your personal information to third parties only if it is absolutely necessary to:

    • Comply with a government request, court order, or applicable law.
    • Prevent unlawful use of our site.
    • Defend ourselves against claims of third parties.
    • Help prevent or investigate fraud.

    Please note: In the rare instances where legal requirements compel us to disclose your information, we will strive to minimize the data shared and ensure it adheres to all legal and regulatory obligations.

    We do not utilize third-party service providers or CRM systems that would necessitate transferring your personal information.

    Our commitment is to keep your information secure within our own systems.

    7. Do we use cookies?

    We use cookies necessary for the functioning of the site. Using cookies, we receive the technical information specified in clause 3 and out Cookie Policy.

    If you want to disable cookies, then you can find instructions for managing your browser settings at these links:

    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Chrome
    • Opera
    • Vivaldi

    8. What rights do I have regarding my information?

    You, as subjects of personal information, have the following rights:

    The right to access information. You can request an explanation of the processing of your personal information.

    The right to correct information. We take reasonable steps to accurately record the personal information that you provide to us, as well as any subsequent updates. We encourage you to review, update, and correct the personal information that we maintain about you.

    Right to be forgotten. You can send us a request to delete your personal information from our systems. You may request that we delete personal information about you that is inaccurate, incomplete, irrelevant for legitimate purposes, or is being processed in a way which infringes any applicable legal requirements.

    If you would like to review, change or delete personal information we have collected from you or you had submitted or permanently delete your personal information, please contact us by an email at

    8. How do we update Privacy Policy?

    This privacy policy and the relationships falling under its effect are regulated by the US federal laws and NY State Constitution. Existing laws and requirements for the processing of personal information are subject to change. In this case, we will publish a new version of the Privacy Policy on our website. If significant material changes are made that affect your privacy and confidentiality, we will notify you by email or display information on the website and ask for your consent.