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Partnering with Premium Logistic Solutions

Our dedicated dispatcher for your Hotshot Truck is just a click away!


If you’ve got a hotshot rig, you’re built for quick turnaround and time-sensitive freight. At Premium Logistic Solutions, we understand the unique advantages hotshots bring to the table and can connect you with the loads that make the most of your truck’s capabilities. Let’s dive into the world of hotshots and why working with us makes sense.

Hotshots: Built for Urgent Freight

  • Smaller and nimbler: Hotshots are typically heavy-duty pickups or smaller trucks with open flatbed trailers.
  • Usually 40+ feet in length and capable of hauling up to around 15,000 lbs.
  • Perfect for time-critical, smaller loads that need to be delivered ASAP.

What do Hotshots Carry?

Hotshots are the go-to for when speed matters:

  • Manufacturing parts: Keeping production lines running on time.
  • Medical supplies: Delivering urgently needed equipment or medications.
  • Construction materials: Rushing supplies to job sites to avoid delays.
  • Anything else that needs to be there yesterday!

Why Partner with Premium Logistic Solutions?

When you register your hotshot rig with Premium Logistic Solutions, you tap into:

  • Urgent, Well-Paying Loads: We specialize in matching hotshots with time-sensitive shipments.
  • Quick Turnaround: We understand that every minute counts, and we find loads that minimize downtime.
  • LTL Expertise: We know Less-Than-Truckload shipping, which is perfect for the hotshot model.
  • A Partner Focused on You: We value hotshot operators and their role in the logistics network.

Key Things for Hotshot Drivers and Owners

  • Reliability Rules: Hotshot success depends on being on time, every time.
  • Communication is Key: Staying in touch with shippers about pickup and drop-off is vital.
  • Securement Matters: Ensure your cargo is properly secured for safe transport.
  • Time is Money: Hotshot drivers often earn premium rates due to the urgency of their loads.

The Premium Logistic Solutions Advantage

Think of us as your mission control:

  • We keep you moving with high-value, time-critical loads
  • We handle the paperwork and logistics so you focus on delivery
  • We understand the hotshot business and what makes you successful

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